Wednesday, November 10, 2004

4 More Days For Aidilfitri!

I know this will sound so horrible but I am at the point where I feel so sick of getting up too early in the morning i.e 4.30am for sahur. At least it's going to be 3 more days to go and then celebration will begin. Hopefully there'll be familiar faces in London on Sunday. Tak pun, we'll enjoy the day with fellow Malaysians.

Today, Abang picked K up from her college because she collapsed in her classroom. Apparently the college authority already called her mother (i.e the cow that Abang married to) but she told them to call `the father' i.e Abang. I mean, what kind of mother is that? She didn't even give Abang a call to see if K was okay or not! Well, the college was thinking of getting an ambulance sebab risau tengok si K tu yang pucat lesi. Tapi at last tak. Cuma panggil medics je kot and Abang was told that she's anaemic (lack of iron). Apparently she skips breakfast sebab tak nak gemuk! Oh my God! Breakfast is the most important meal during the day! But she's fine and at home now. I think abang will talk to her about eating properly. Nak harapkan mak lembu tu? sorry lah... the bitch will just going to fatten herself up; not her daughter!

Masa I dan Abang sampai apartment tu, kami dapati 5 - 6 orang teenagers hovering around in our so-called secured car-park. It ain't secured at all! In fact these boys not only made a hell of a mess in there (with plastic bottles, crisps wrappers etc), we could smell cannabis or some sort of drugs there too. The bloody owner of the apartment looks like just want a hell lot of money from us to stay there but doing fuck-all about it! We have complained about this matter over and over again tapi takde apa apa tindakan pun yang diambil. Bengap betullah diorang ni! So, abang pun called the police - but until now the police tak datang datang jugak. Bayang bayang diorang pun tak nampak. Khidmat masyarakat apa ke benda ni? Memalukan je!

Oh ya, masa dok tengok TV tadi, ada news about that ugly structure erected in Haverhill. It costed about £100,000 to be built and it was called Spirit of Enterprise. Apparently according to Taria, there's already complaint about it; not from Haverhill people but from the pilots! That structure will eventually beam a laser light to the sky at night and since Haverhill tu tempat kapalterbang lalu sebelum mendarat kat London Stansted, so, pilot pilot ni marahlah. Karang kang kena beam laser kat mata masa dok seronok bawak kapalterbang, tak ke naya tu?

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