Sunday, November 07, 2004

Saturday 6th November

Abang got a call from Pete when I was still sleeping. Yes,Pete did have sex with the guy he picked up in Bird last night. His name is Daniel and he is a Canadian. Good sex apparently although bit painful for him cuz Daniel has a thick cock! Apparently Daniel would like to meet up with Pete again (at least not a wham-bam-thank you-mem type of guy!) but only for sex. This reminds me of this American army guy (nice body, handsome face, nice big cock) that was based at the US army base nearby whom I `frolicked' with (he's married with two kids) and will only have sex; nothing else! Although now, we have not seen him anymore since his wife and kids were back from US to be with him at his army base. Also we got news from Ayan that him and Colin brought Gregor home last night and had sex with him as well. we gays very obsessed with sex? I think we do! As for me, I have no problem since it's only for fun and no strings attached.
Apa nak buat hari ni ye? London lah apa lagi... Shoreditch or Pleasuredrome.. I suggested Shoreditch sebab Pleasuredrome tu agak kecil and ramai sangat ayahanda yang boroi. Anyway, Abang pun ada tanya gak what I want for Christmas. Frankly speaking I have not got a faintest idea what I want for Christmas. Never really thought about Christmas this time! In the end I did tell him that I have been thinking of getting Britney Spears and/ or Shania Twain Greatest Hits CD album. That'll be cool presents for me! Although I must say, I also would like to buy brand new clothings esp. a nice new pair of jeans and shirt. As for Abang, he would like to have some DVDs but I would really love to buy him something nicer than DVDs. We'll see!
So, in Shoreditch, London. Ah.. macam biasa ramai nya ayahanda.. yang tahap nenda pun ada jugak. Yang tahap Sumo wrestler pun ada gak!!! Argghhh! What a turn off! I tried not to look at them because they might get the wrong signal! As if! Anyway, at least got 4 (metaphorically we can call this `oasis in the desert'). The first three (not at the same time, mind you!) cikcut although I didn't. Diorang ni cikcut cepat sangat. Ter-over excited kot? Tak sempat I nak orgasma! hah! Good though. The first one liked his balls to be licked. The second one only liked to ciktot (oh my.. he was handsome and nice body - although his front body was full of hair) - no foreplays; he just got on with it! The second one was okay.. not much to talk about him. The last one was extra special because he came to me as I was sitting on a bench. We stroked each other and yes, he has a nice body and his appearance reminds me of Chris from gym! Hmmm heaven...... oh he has big thick cock too. Very very horny (nafsu ni membuak buak pulak - maybe sebab malam tadi asyik dok tengok downloaded Bel Ami's Greek Holiday films kot??). This time, I came first.. on his chest! Ingatkan dia nak blah dah lepas tu.. nope. He kept on caressing me and last last, ciktot me. Ahh very nikmat punya... dia pun cikcut on my chest as well. Hmmm ala ala return the favour, gitu! Pastu, kami pun blah nak balik apartment. Berenti jap kat services on motorway sebab Abang very tired. Sampai apartment, buat projek ngan Abang pulak. Ye lah, he always like to `re-claim' me after `those' sessions. Lepas tu terus membuta! Letih... faham faham je lah!

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