Thursday, January 27, 2005

Anatomy of Chris Crotch

Okay tajuknya keterlaluan, kan? Betul tu... tapi I joined his Boxcercise tonight and since I did not have a pair to do boxing with, I did it with Chris instead. dream has come true to `do' things with this gorgeous and cool creature. There were only 5 people participating in the class; so like I said, I have no pair cuz the other four came together! I did not mind as I did boxing with Chris (how I wish it was wrestling instead! yes.. I think man to man wrestling is so erotic). All in all, I worked hard again tonight in order to get my figure back in shape again!
Lepas kelas habis, Chris bagitahu kitorang yang dia nak buat `one to one' fitness with anybody who's interested (me!!!!!) for the price of £20 an hour (pokailah aku camni!!!) sambil sambil senyum senyum pandang aku. Ehh malunya I dia pandang camtu!!! Hmm taknaklah..kalau free tu okay gak. Sorrylah nak bayor bayor ni.
Actually I fucked up about timing again; I thought the class was at 6.30pm but it turned out it was at 7.30pm! So, since I malas nak balik semula apartment then tunggu sejam sebelum gi LA Fitness semula, I stayed there and did excercise yang ringan ringan like speed walking on the threadmill, guna mesin ala ski dan rowing machine.
Bila balik apartment, I just had cornflakes and Cheerios for dinner because first of all I did not feel that hungry anyway and secondly there's no food in the kitchen. I thought I wanted to have some turkey slices to eat with bread but unfortunately they have all been eaten by AJ (and friend I think). Oh well, first come first serve I guess!
So, sekarang ni I am watching Fahrenheit 9/11 on Channel 4 while waiting for Anatomy for Beginners - Reproductive System to eb aired tonight. I dah tengok dah ngan Abang filem Fahrenheit 9/11 tu kat cinema dulu and it's a good documentary/ film although we thought that Michael Moore was quite biased (of course he would!).


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee...
U are very happy person. At least the way your write shows. Kalaulah aku jadi kau....


Lee Novotny said...

Hi taufix...pls don't say that! You can be too believe me! at the moment happy tu happy gak tapi risau abt my job that's all.
I hope you will move on soon.. good luck, ok? pls dun be sad