Friday, April 22, 2005

Kembali ke Manchester

Tonight, we are back in Manchester. This time, we brought K with us since it's her 17th birthday and she wants to celebrate with us here in Manchester especially in Canal Street!
I still have not got my passport and that really annoys me! Paid all that money and still nothing after 2 weeks! Anyway, I have to calm down... by tomorrow kalau tak sampai lagi mende tuh.. nantilah aku call hotline tuh!
So barang barang kat apartment ni masih lagi banyak dok dalam kotak lagi tapi better than it was when I left for Cambridge on Tuesday night! Abang has done a good job to tidy them up a bit.
Anyway, better get ready to go out and hit Canal Street! It's party time!
Adios bambinos!

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