Sunday, April 24, 2005

So Many Men, Too Little Time!

Today we have arranged to meet up with this guy who lives a walking distance from us. His Gaydar profile's photo doesn't look that bad but when he finally walked in New York New York, he's not really my type. Okay, I always told myself that my type of guy should have a nice rugby build kinda body but I think in his case he's just fat. Although I must admit that he's such a friendly and happy guy. He told me he has a Malaysian friend who is his good friend. They never had sex; only slept together a few times and cuddling, hugging in bed. Bless! He told me his type of men should be Malay or Thai origin. Sesuatuh, kan? Was this a chat-up line? I am sure he's genuine. Loads of time he kissed me, touching me.. we just like him as a friend. Plus, it's nice to make friends. In the end, we had to make an excuse to go back to our apartment (without him!). While talking and dancing, I then knew how he owns that kind of body - he loves his beer! Too much beer makes you fat or at least makes your tummy looks bloated!
Still feeling very horny, we tried to arrange to meet with two other guys from Gaydar but looked like they were busy! So, Plan C: Heat Sauna! Usually CPLeso would be there on Sunday. He's the hunky guy who usually could not wait to go in a private room with me!
Upon arriving at the sauna, as usual, not a lot of people were there. Yang ada pun tak kendo langsung! What more, CPLeso was not there!! Kak namm! Until I saw this tall big rugby type bloke in the shower. He instantly had his eyes on me and we fiddled in the shower. Dipendekkan cerita, we went to a room and after ciktut me for a while, he just left without smiling or anything. Geram jugak sebab mostly `one way traffic' aje. Alaaah ciknek dia pun biasa aje..tak se-nalla CPLeso! Lepas tu merayau rayau lagi kat dalam sawana tuh. Until I went into the jacuzzi and watched this hot video while in there. This kendo guy came in and sat in jacuzzi while also watching this video. He's kinda a bit shorter than me but he has a nice smooth body. Hmmm usually I will not go for this type - smooth and short! But there's something about him that made me teruja jugak! Dipendekkan cerita, we fondled int he jacuzzi and happy for me to say that tak padan dengan tubuhnya yang kecil tu, his powertool department was quite impressive! Nalla, you! So we decided to go to a private room and setelah lama ber-69, he wanted to ciktut me. He was so experienced, I must say! That way, this name it, we did it (sort of!). He cikcap me till I cikcut while he's still citut me. Aiyyooo too many cik cik cik! It was quite orgasmic! He eventually cikcut on my body. Sejurus lepas tuh, turn Abang pulak berasmaradana ngan I. This is what we both called "Re-claim".
Lepas tu balik apartment. K & Ed in the bedroom - aiyyoo tengah buat apa tu budak muda dua ekor nih??? Then kami gi beli ayam goreng kat Canal Street. Sedap!

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