Thursday, October 12, 2006

Once Upon A Time I Was A Stalker

Hahh tu dia...ala ala confessions on a dance floor time!

I wish I could say "Once upon a time I was a showgirl" ***matilaaaa Lea, but unfortunately mak tak sechanteque dan se-talented diorang ittew! *nanges*
**matilaa bukan belas bukan simpati

Well, this happened way back before I met Avang. It could have been 1994 I think.

As usual I was chatting on the internet chat room IRC ke apa gittew (yes u ols, that's how I met Avang as well but that's another story...) ***matilaa mak tak stadi tapi asik nak cari sesuap ciknek, voley??? And by chance mak terchit chat with this guy who lived in Halifax, West Yorkshire (very der near to mak nyer university, u ols!). Mak rasa we did exchange photos and he was quite a dish actually. So mak memang yang selalu gersang tahap gaban tu, truss made date with him.

So, he picked me up from my student house ittew (ughhh rumah student tu buruk yaamatz! 7 people in 7 rooms and don't get me started on the condition of the cellar!!!) and drove back all the way to Halifax.

We stopped at one of the hillside road and of course, Yorkshire memang chanteque... we chatted ..mak pun lupa what we chatted about but looked like he liked me very much and he then brought me back to his house.

We sat on the sofa... watched a bit of TV and we ols mula usik mengusik antara satu sama lain. Seronok mak dok pegang bodynya yang seingat maklah, nice jugaks! Then we ringan ringan kat atas sofa ittew... hmmmm nice!

Then we went upstairs to his bedroom and it was not one of the best sex I've ever had but it was nice enough considering how horny I was and he was kinda cute too!

So I think as far as I remeber lah, I stayed at his house till late at night and when he finally sent me back to my university home town, he told me that the next day he's going to see his parents up in Preston. Mak angguk sajork tapi dalam hati mak dok kata "Ehh..dia ajak aku ke???"

Amboiii mak ni macam dok veranganz Meet The Parents gittew, ye tak???

So the next day, I started to give him a call but unfortunately nobody answered. All I got was an answering machine..... I do and still hate answering machine!!!

A few minutes later, mak koling dia lagik..takde jawapan lagik..kali ni mak put message on his machine "Oii wake up! It's Lee are you?"

So, again and again after that mak kept on calling his home but nobody was there!

I was so heartbroken.... I thought we had a chemistry there. I was so looking forward to go all the way to Preston to meet his parents and spend the whole weekend with him.

A few days later, I was on the internet chat again and finally I saw his name there and we chatted. I asked all sorts of questions - including why did he not answer my call and where he was that day.

So dia cakap "I was at my folks' home like I told you and yes, I got all your messages in my answering machine... used up all the tape!!"

Kaboom!!! Gittewlah rasa hati mak masa tuh..rasa macam bodoh pulak..why on earth would I do such thing i.e kept putting my messages on his answering machine! Now he thinks that I am a psycho!

Pastuh mak tanya "When will we meet again?"

He said "I don't think we'll ever meet again... we are not compatible to each other"

At that time mak punya penguasaan bahasa Inggeris masih tahap lembu lagi so mak tanyalah dia (dalam sedeyyy ni) "What is compatible?"

So he answered "We have nothing in common" ... there! As simple as that!

Bagaikan halilintar membelah bumi, mak rasa bodoh dan felt like shit.... aiyyoo served me right because actually I was due to meet another guy at the same day I met this Halifax guy. **Avang knew a lot about this other guy.. there was nearly a fight between Avang and this other guy on the net actually!! That'll be another time mak akan story mory about them!

Well, ok actually the topic of today's update was not really right cuz I was not a stalker but more to a psychotic desperate student! :P

Until now, mak masih dok terfikir, why on earth would I think that once I had sex with this guy, he straight away loved me and wanted me to meet his parents?? WHY oh Why????

Buat malu orang Malaysia sajork!!!! ***matilaaa Mona Fandey.


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