Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday Lunch: Chicken Fried Rice

After so many weeks not cooking proper food **matilaaaa housewife malas! Akhirnya today I managed to drag myself to the kitchen and cook my favourite dish - chicken fried rice, while Avang doing his budget on his laptop. Lagipun senang yaamatz nak masak nasi goreng ni, as long as the rice is already cooked and cold!

Heat the wok till it's very hot and pour some virgin olive oil. Stir fry diced onion till it's brown and naik baunya. Then masukan chicken yang telah dipotong dadu till they're thoroughly cooked. What i did was, I put some tumeric powder as well to give colour to the rice later on. Don't you know tumeric powder has the power to prevent cancer??? Salah kata depa, salahlah mak!

Then, put some frozen vegetables in and stir together with the chicken and onion.

The cooked rice was firstly mixed thoroughly (with hands) with two or three vegetable cubes. Barulah sedap sikit! Kalau ada perencah nasi goreng Adabi ke hapa ke lagi best kan?

Oh and make sure it tastes nice and enough salt!!! :)

Dan hidangkan while it's still hot and eat it with your love ones!

Lastly, our main dessert - Eid Cookies @ Kuih raya kiriman Samasam!

p/s We are going out tonight to Rose & Crown before heading off to Halloween Party nearby. No, I won't go there berkemban nor bercawat! :P

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