Thursday, October 26, 2006

Selayang Pandang: Face The Facts!!

The Best & The Worst Airlines:

Surprise surprise!!! Bak kata orang kita "hah..ambek ngko!!".. tu dia..Web's low-cost airline, Ryanair has been voted the worst airline by the British people. Reasons??? Well, apparently because of unfriendly staff, cramped seatings and surprise surprise, DELAYS!!! hiks.... entah berapa kali ntah mak pun dah kena delay ngan Ryanair nih but still, they're gaining lots of passengers. Why?? Simply because they are too bloody cheap!!

The best airline pulak ialah British Airways...well, u get what you pay kaedahnya kan? Good service and friendly staff :)

The worst airport is Heathrow Airport yang selalu jam dengan flights from all over the world ittew.

The best is Changi Airport, Singapore! Tak sangka ramai jugak orang British pergi Singapore ek???

Grumpier Sex

So the question of which sex is grumpier than the other has been answered!

Surprise surprise!! Women are grumpier than men first thing in the morning and stay cranky for longer katanya. Stay cranky for longer?? Cranky?? As in "mad" kah????

Jangan marah nah u ols ladies yang baca blog mak nih. Tapi betul pun sebab even at my workplace nih pun, yang sokmo grumpy dan muka masam mencuka tuh sapo lagi kalau tak ladies jugaks! :P

Tapi mengikut survey, women do tend to blame their boyfriends/ husbands for this - especially them snoring throughout the nights!!! Apart from that other excuses are housekeeping, preparing breakfast, attending own children and worry/ stress.

p/s Piru, Bella, Han, Liza, Zue, Shida, Mrs Reader, Miss Aries, Kuchai and all the ladies readers out there, u ols moody kah first thing in the morning?? Mak nak tanya sajork...nak buat survey about pompuan Melayu pulaks! :P

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