Friday, November 10, 2006

Daniel Craig - Lemang Besor???

Casino Royale!!! Bring it on!!!! Phwoarr!

In cinemas across UK from17th November 2006

p/s I am so sure I have seen his naked photos of him (not fake!) somewhere on the internet before and it was from some movie... I will keep searching!!! :P (tapi takde pulak nampak lemang dia besor.... sapo cakap lemang dia besor?? Dame Judy Dench kah?? or Yanz kah?? :P)

At last I have found it..but this was not the one I was thinking of! But this is good enuff! :P

Oh here they are last I have found them! Not so big lemang is it?? :P Perhaps he's cold and nervous....LOL

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