Saturday, December 09, 2006

Manchester (Part 1)

Almaklum I am now in Manchester with Avang for the weekend. We are staying in a hotel right in the city centre near Primark/ TK Maxx yang murs murs ittew. and last night?? Of courselah we ols lansing lansing dengan Jepar (Miss Yorkshire), Miss Coco Chanel and presenting, Miss Manchester Forever katanya. Yang menjadi slut malam tadi sapo laei kalau idak si Miss Coco Chanel..nantilah mak cerits apa yang berlaku... "air dah abis kuar" katanya..mrasa!!!!!

Anyway, on my way here, I was using Ryanair fligfht from Stansted Airport to Blackpool International Airport yang maha kecik ittew. Flight memang busy; I am sure sebab ramai nak mai Manchester/ Blackpool for Christmas shopping and also there's a match between Manchester United & Manchester City as well.... padanlah semua hotel kat sini penuh! Tak mrasa mak nak berjumpa hadek baru mak kat UK nih i.e si Rul yang nun jauh di Utara sana.... next time ye, Rul...still lots of time to get together gether gittew!

So upon my arrival (flight delayed for 15 minutes..memanglah sentapz kan..dahlah lewat...mak piula dah menggeletis dah nak lansing lansing ngan hadek hadek mak ittew), ada lah diorang check passport bagai but this passport check control is not an ordinary one; there were two officers on duty and they were just looking and checking the passports of the passengers. So mak tengok semua orang dia panggil dan tengok dan asked them to just go to the arrival hall. Tapi giliran mak piula????

Well, I just copuld not believe u ols know I already have a British passport. Once the officer saw my passport, looked at my face and then found out my name bears a Muslim name, then that was it...I had to stand there for quite a long time for him to belek belek the passport and asked me loads questions like:

1) Where do you live?
2) Where are you going?
3) What are you doing here (i.e in Manchester/ Blackpool area)
4) What do you do in Cambridge
5) Why don't you use Manchester Airport instead??

And the list went on..I mean, seriously this was an embarassing moment for me just standing there while he was checking my passport as if mine is a fake passport!!! I might consider to sue the airport authority for trhe embarassment and distress (really made my morale so low after so looking forward to the lansing lansing night out!)... Lekiu, any thoughts on this?? Am I eligible to sue them????

Then, he had to ask his other officer (obviously his supervisor) about my passport and me. AND she kinda asked me the same bloody questions as well mainly - why did I choose Blackpool Airport and not Manchester Airport??? I mean, for FUCK sake, that was ridiculous! Don't we have freedom to choose where we can go anymore???

Don't they bloody know that Manchester Airport is too expensive for low cost flights?? AND don't they know the train services going to Manchester are also expensive during this season??? Are they that ignorant??? Masih berada di zaman jahiliyah kah???

Bila eventually mak bagitahu Avang fasal apa yang berlaku, he was quite angry too.. he told me that I should have said "Yes.. I am going to Manchester to be with my boyfriend and he's waiting for me outside there and yes, he's an English guy!"

Wonder what'll they say if I ever said that to their face!

Still cannot believe the hassle I am getting just to get from one place to another in this country...

Funnily enough, it's not that bad going from UK to other European countries - cuz they won't even ask me any questions!!!!

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