Sunday, January 14, 2007

Saturday Activities: Summary

Aiyyooooyooo u ols tau tak, we ols bals bals dari London semals pukul 2.30am???? We started our London tour kat Leicester Square dulu (ye lah nak tunjuk lah kan kat RuL mercu tanda kat London nih sebelum gelap..tetahulah kat Eropah nih bila winter, siang amatlah pendek!) pastuh we ols ended up in - hah kau, Central Station pub!!!

No, we did not go to Naked Party BUFF sebab there's no such thing on Saturday but downstairs, there's two darkrooms and I have met someone that I haven't met for nearly 2 years..yes, we did "things" - nantikan ceritanya!

Actually Friday night pun, RuL ni amboiii kemain u ols, habis kengkawan baik mak kat sini dia romen romen lite lite kaedahnya..LOL! He wil tell u ols the story about these, no doubt!

Oopss sorry, mak lupa nak publish gegambar Willy The Kid - too busy and too tired..tunggulah hari Senin ke apa ke!

Today, Sunday, Avang will cook Sunday Roast dinner for the four of us - Avang, AJ, mak & RuL. After that RuL will be off back to Newcastle and we ols plak, guess what?? Yes, we are off back to London! Naked Party BUFF perhaps??? Or will I try to meet up with the guy I met at Central Station???? We will see!!!! :)

p/s Thanks Avang for the lovely and exciting weekend......*muahhh*

pp/s Nantikan juga cerita fasal si Pino the Italian guy yang could not resist RuL in Kudos bar...he's so direct and ianya amat menakutkan!!!! Kesian RuL...LOL

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