Saturday, January 06, 2007

Topless Chicken In Rose And Crown

Semalam lepas tengok first half of Celebrity Big Brother and Ugly Betty, we wols went off towards Fleur de Lys for a night out. Yes, our friends were there and there was a male stripper show too (coming soon in my next entry!). He was okay..not as good as Romeo but at least I was pulled on stage last night and could feel his body next to mine..owhhh mak merembess!!!!

Anyway, soon after that we osl went to Rose & Crown pub and there's this topless bartender who works there and he kept bringing these glasses of shots for punters to buy. Haruslah shots ittew alkohol! Tapi mak skerrr tengok hanak ikan cute nih.. quite nice body (sedap dipandang sajorklah..for me, he won't make mak "naik", if u ols know what i meant!!! LOL). Enjoy the pics!!

Photos of this cutie chicken (anak ikan) selling glasses of shots to the punters in Rose & Crown. Most of the time people bought the drinks just to drool at this boy's body! :P

This is Dillon, the male stripper at Fleur de Lys pub last night. Will publish more photos of him soon and hopefully the photos of me performing with him on stage as well (as soon as I could get the photos from our friends Leslie, Lee & John!!!) - mrasa mak naik stage and feeling fofuler noh??? :)

p/s in Celebrity Big Brother, that Donny whatever has gone..out of the house..escaping cuz he could not stand being a servant for Jade Goody and her family!! LOL..what a plonker!

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