Thursday, February 15, 2007

Our Relationship Is Not For You To Compare

A few days ago, I have received a text message from someone and it was written like this:

"I don't understand your relationship with Avang. He's really great but you want more. I don't want the same with ***** and that scares me."

To answer his/ her message, of course I have to discuss with Avang cuz previously the sender had sms-ed me saying that next time if we meet up, thes ender would like to discuss with me cuz the sender has some issues. Sounded pretty big, huh??? Alih-alih it's only about OUR relationship.....

To be honest there are several things everybody should know about our relationship:

1) There's nothing to understand about it. Why should anybody want to understand it? You can't compare your relationship with others. It's different; different personality, different people, different background, different history and different arrangements...... what everybody should do is to treat us like a normal couple and be our friends (if that's what you wish to do so).

Cute nyer!!! LOL

2) Why should anybody be scared of their relationship after what they have seen in ours? It's totally and completely different. It may develop like ours but that does not mean you have to make it "go" that way.

3) It's not about wanting's more about having a bit of fun and enjoying your life to the max. Like I said a lot of times "Variety is the spice of life". Having sex with other guys does not mean I love Avang less. The fact is I love him so much and that is why I think whoever I meet for "fun", they can't even take me away from him.

When I replied to the message (nice reply), This is what I have received:

"This is the most frank you have spoken to me. I am so different to you both and want things slightly my way. I only want one guy only and if that's *****, that's great"

"Hope I did not offend you yesterday cuz that was not my intention. I am just trying to understand how you and Avang work as a couple"

Our answer again would be, there's none of other people's business to understand how we work as a couple. It is flattering for me (at least) to know some people look up to us a strong couple who's been going on from strength to strength for nearly 12 years through thick and thin but that does not mean anybody should analyse our relationship. What everybody should do is to deal with your own issues within your relationship and leave ours alone. We manage as we are for years and there's no turning back!

Talking about look up to us inniew, dos beberapa kali we had several requests from friends and acquaintances to ask us to do them some favours. Unfortunately, we can only help as we can; dalam kata lain selagi terdaya. It is flattering but at the same time it's a bit scary to think what they gonna ask me to do next; will they want me to lie for them? Will they want me to sacrifice my money, time and life?

I know we seem like to have suspiscious minds but it's good to be careful sometimes!

Most of the time it is me who's oblivious about things (maybe I am too excited if people ask us a favour or question) but Avang will be the one who keep my feet on the ground - kembalikan mak ke alam realiti gittew.

BUT that does not mean that we are a cold and unfriendly couple..we are just trying to tell all about certain issues here.


p/s We did go out finally for a meal on Valentine's Night - with AJ! :) It was great to have dinner together as a family in this Indian Restaurant near our apartment. We went there right after we have finished our gym sessions. Thanks Avang for the meal *** matilaa terburai abdomenkiewww!

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