Monday, July 16, 2007

Hej & Hej Då Stockholm!

Hi uols, mak bersiaran kejap kat Stockholm ni demi nak check blog and taknak bagi blog inniew bersawang bukan macam Goddess Sundelz tuh!! Lariiiiii.....

Occay, we ols sampai di Stockholm Skåvsta Airport on Saturday afternoon and took the bus right into Stockholm's city centre bus terminal. Then off to the First Hotel Amaranten nearby.

First of all, everything in this city is very very expensive...from food to drinks...from accommodation to shopping. Memang kalau ikut ati mak, nak budget je gi makan memana tapi Avang ni tetahulah, dia ni kan executive kaedahnya so, makan tu dia tak lah berkira sangat!

Secondly, we could not really find any signs of gaylife around the city. I suppose Swedes are quite conservative in manys ense and quite shy too. For example, we ols try nak cari Dance Club Rio (featured in Spartacus Gay Guide book) but cari punyer cari...tak jumpa. Bila we ols tanya bar staff dekat dekat area tuh, katanya tempat tuh dosi bungkus dos enam bulan dah!! haiyyooo Spartacus Edisi 2007 ni memang crap sangat!!!! Harus we ols cari pampasan!!! **matiker DQ???

Pastuh we ols gi Manhattan cruising place..mak oiiii boring nak mampos sebab clientele dia semuanya hazzab.. yang kendiew yang sorang dua pun bukan buat hapa pun. Merewang rewang je kerjanya..tak buat hapa hapa pun!! Sentapz lagi noh?? :P

Then yesterday we ols try nak gi cari the only sawana kat Stockholm jumpa pun u ols!!! Felik yaamat considering this Scandinavian country is famous of its saunas (or is it only Finland?? mak pun lupa noks!!!). Sentapz lagi!!! Buat habis tenaga je jenjalan...hehehhe..anyway, we ols gi USA Video Shop featuring cruising area kat sittew and finally I got something there. Sempat telan lagi u ols!! **telan apa tatau?? Matiker kelucahan? ..anyway´, jantan kendieww ittew tak de nampak muka Swedish pun..ala ala Mediterranean lah pulak! Lepas tuh maks empat beramas ramasan dan bercikloian dan bercommolot dengan one kendieww Swedish guy. Tapi tak sempat buat lebey lebey sebab tetiba ramai orang nak join!! Huishh kosser!! BUT anyway, at least something happened! Ingatkan ad-dinch terus Stockholm nih!

Last night memang tak kuar bersuka ria pun sebab keletihan...and in terms of sight-seeing, Stockholm offers one of the best cities in Europe in terms of culture, history and tourism. We went right on top of The City Hall Tower to get a great view of Stockholm.. we took a boat into Djurgården Island where they have loads of museums including the award winning Vasamuseet (featuring the 17th century naval ship that sunk on her maiden voyage) and Grön Lund Tivoli (Amusement park).

We also witnessed the changing of guards at The Royal Palace (Kunligga Slottet) that took nearly 40 minutes and it was quite a great ceremony :) What with loads of cute and handsome guardsmen!!!

The weather was great (apart from Sunday morning where it was cloudy for a while and Saturday night where it rained like hell).

Today, on our last day in Stockholm, we are going to wander around the city again before heading off to Arlanda International Airport for our next journey - to Kobenhavn Copenhagen!

The hotel that we will be staying is a gay owned guesthouse so that should be quite interesting as they frequently have summer party on top of the apa bogel kah?? ****oopss!!!

Okay, setakat ittew sahaja mak laporkan dari Stockholm. Nanti ado masa lagi mak update. Bila bals UK semuls, mak akan update with photos of Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin & Frankfurt!!!

Bayenn u ols!!! and be good!!!

Hej då! (Goodbye!)

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