Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Channel4 Hollyoaks - She Finally Knows!

Remember me babbling on about Hollyoak's Love Triangle of the year storyline a few months ago? Well, let me remind uols : Craig is torn between two people in his life - his love for Sarah (a pretty and nice girl) and his love for his best friend, John Paul (who's already confessed his love to him long before this).

For a few months now, Sarah did not know that Craig was shagging and sleeping with John Paul while still sleeping with her! Hmmm.... serampang dua mata lagi noh???

In the mean time, Craig had accidentally proposed to marry Sarah when he thought Sarah nearly caught him red-handed with John Paul. Nobody knew they were engaged except themselves, not even John Paul! Until one day when Craig's family threw an engagement party for both of them (after Sarah could not help but tell Craig's family about their engagement - tetahulah pompuan kan uols... excited lah tuh bila dosi engaged! **oopss matilaa carutz kawum wanita!).

John Paul found out about the party and demanded Craig an explanation - after all, Craig already told John Paul that he's going to break-up with Sarah (tapi alih alih bertunang piula???? Motif????). So in the heat of the moment, they kissed and made love. To shorten the story, John Paul managed to got hold on to Craig's mobile phone and sneakily sms Sarah to"come upstairs".

Uols know-lah what happened when Sarah open the bedroom door and saw them two boys in bed together!!!!

That's it...all hell broke loose... the family knew.. the whole Hollyoaks knew that Craig is shagging John Paul!

Di saat saat Sarah found out Craig's been cheating on her with his best mate! She finally knows her fiancee is also sleeping with a guy!

Craig's & Sarah's family finally knew the truth during the party!

So what happens next? Well, Craig went to Sarah's house to explain everything. She's already packed her stuff to go to Dublin (nak jumpa Goddess Selene kah???) like what her and Craig intended to do anyway. In the mean time, Sarah's best friend told John Paul that Craig is at Sarah's house to apologise and for a reconciliation - leaving John Paul heartbroken big time!

BUT actually, although Sarah already told Craig that she still loves him, Craig finally made a decision to choose John Paul instead of her!!!! He loves them both really much but looks like his love for John Paul is even much greater! - leaving Sarah heartbroken bigtime (again!!!).

Craig then went to John Paul's house to explain everything and confess his true love for John Paul - only to find out John Paul ignored him completely thinking that Craig is about to dump him and goes off to Dublin with Sarah!

Oh my..what a drama......

Love this Hollyoaks' storyline of the year!!!!

So, wait what's gonna happen next to Craig & John Paul.. will they be together and be lovers? OR will Craig goes back to Sarah and leave Hollyoaks forever?

p/s Nantilah mak buat entry TAG ittew nah....hiks..too excited about this storyline lor!

Let me remind you what happened a few months back when Craig & John Paul shared hot kisses together and he confessed his love to John Paul!

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